5 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin during Your Vacation

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While getting checked by a travel doctor Gold Coast has today is good, you should also put efforts on your own. Take good care of your skin during your vacation. Here’s how:

Shield your skin from the tough sun rays.

Albeit you’re under a roof, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can nevertheless permeate the clouds and your windows.

And so, if you live in a very humid place, you should add sunscreen on your skin, especially to the exposed parts each and every day—including the days where you’re just being indoors and the gloomy days. If you don’t go for applying sunscreen lotion, you can pick a moisturizer or a BB cream that has sun protecting factor (SPF).

At the same time, if you really need to go to outdoors and subject yourself to direct sunlight, ensure that you’re lathering a medium-sized dollop of sunscreen on your exposed skin. A travel doctor Gold Coast has today would highly recommend that the amount must fill a shot glass.

Stay hydrated each day.

Don’t love water? Here’s a reality check: now you will have to. Your throat is not just the thing that dries if you’re not drinking 8 glasses of fluids—your skin gets bad too!

Observe how extra rough your skin feels right after going a day with a couple of cups of fluids merely. This happens since your skin cells are made up of water—and they must be continuously refreshed to preserve their regular status.

Unless you want to get negative results from a full medical check up Brisbane doctors offer, you should hydrate more!

Minimize the risk of your skin’s dryness.

Apart from drinking water, you similarly need to have a decent moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and svelte. Your epidermis is composed of 30% water, which is blocked by lipids from vaporizing.

To improve this binding capability, you need to make use of a good skin moisturizing cream. It must consist of organically produced ingredients such as amino acids and also citrate.

Perform good skin cleansing habits.

If you constantly do medium to heavy makeup applications, you require an additional cleaning substance to unblock oil from your pores. And maybe even though cleansing soaps assist to clean our skin, they’re not actually suitable for putting on most face types, especially dry skin. Most of them are made of alkaline, which in turn can alter the vulnerable pH balance of your body. This causes reddening and itching.

So, what can you use instead?

What you can use are liquid cleansers or creams that feature organic factors and minerals that gently cleanse oil and grime on your skin. You can also use not-so-harsh products like coconut oil.

Invest in a set of trustworthy skincare products

Investing in your skincare products is important. Partner it with an eagerness to perform your day and night skin care routines and you’ll have a clear skin eventually.

What are trustworthy skincare products? These are products that are hypoallergenic and doesn’t correct your skin type in the wrong way (ex. Drying cleansers for oily skins).

In particular, if you have oily skin, you can try a sulphate-free cleansing gel.


Nobody ever desires to get ugly results from skin checks just because of practicing terrible skin care practices.

However, if you are really fretted with regards to your current skin status, you can surely visit skin clinics Brisbane has today like SmartClinics.